"Photography is a way of screaming, of freeing oneself ... It is a way of living"

Henri Cartier-Bresson


At the end of 2014 eckgolds-fotoecke.de started as a pure photo blog, I wanted to keep an open connection to photography. Since then I have gradually found my way back into the life of a photographer and have significantly expanded and redesigned the website. The workshops were added, then the book shop and finally the photo school. The individual contributions to all the hundreds of photos moved more and more into the background.
To take Instead I placed all the photos in galleries. You can see the result here on this gallery page.

New Photo Uploads

I constantly upload new photos to the website. Own photos and also photos of participants of the workshops. These photos are (also) uploaded to the gallery with the new uploads, before they disappear into the depths of the respective galleries.

The People Photography Galleries

My focus is on people photography, which is easy to recognize by the number of galleries & photos. I have created several galleries and assigned the photos thematically. A photo can (and will) be found in two or more galleries. A portrait also fits into the gallery with the Low-Key photos!

The galleries with photos on different topics

Every now and then I actually press the shutter of a camera without a model standing in front of it. The results can be seen in these galleries.

Photos of participants of our workshops

It is almost a tradition that our workshop participants send us some of their photos from the workshops. This is of course voluntary. We want to give those who are not (yet) familiar with our workshops an insight into the workshops.

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