Et voilà, Wolfgang and Knut have done it, the light table for Wolfgang’s studio, which has been planned for a long time, is now ready for use. And I was allowed to be part of the final setup and make stupid sayings, um, help out… :)

„moonlight” | Martina K. by Frank Eckgold

The light table has a size of 140x90cm, which is sufficient for exciting photos as my example „moonlight” shows.

The heart of the light table is a 12mm thick glass pane, which has undergone a special treatment. It was manufactured in such a way that it behaves like a car window in the event of a break. It splinters into hundreds of tiny particles to exclude the risk of injury from large, sharp splinters. The safety of the models comes first!

In addition, the pane was coated with a film that serves as a diffuser.

I took some photos during the assembly and the last work on the light table. Nothing special, just with the smartphone, so don’t be surprised that it is noisy and the photos have a latent blur. There are also photos of Wolfgang, who took the first test photos of Natascha on the light table :)

New Light Table for the Studio

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