Et voila - the brand new water basin including a permanent shower is finished and has already been inaugurated with a photo shoot :)

„silent water gone wild”
„silent water gone wild” | Miriam by Frank Eckgold

After some initial doubts, I was able to convince my buddy Wolfgang that a water basin would suit the studio well. And then it somehow took on a life of its own without my intervention. The installers installed pipes and valves, screwed a shower head with over 100 nozzles (!) under the ceiling and the rest was some hard work.

The water basin has a base area of about 3.3 x 3.75 meters, so it's a bit bigger than the one in the old Dorstfeld studio. Also in terms of safety it has a lot to offer, for example FI-switches for the power supply of the flash units.

Now we are able to photograph beautiful motives with water reflections and of course perfect shower scenes. And the best thing is, we are currently working on a concept, how we can turn the whole thing into exciting workshops.

Some will remember that the workshop "realistic water reflections", here a few photos on the topic, was one of the most popular workshops we had offered in the past years. And soon it will experience a renaissance :)

„la belle dans l'eau”
„la belle dans l'eau” | Chrissy by Frank Eckgold

You interested?

Click here for the workshop "Water Games"
New water basin opened

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